Œuf dans l’eau

Œuf dans l'eau has been accompanying its customers for 15 years.
and assembles the best talents in the creation and production of its events.

Our approach, scrambling the runways and breaking the eggs in order to create the right recipes for your audiences. 

 n other words, getting off the beaten track and shaking things up... codes, in order to surprise your participants and your networks.

We believe that an event is unique and should offer exclusive experiences for your brand. 

We are nourished by the values of gastronomy: Creativity,
Excellence, Authenticity, Sharing, and Proximity.

Our greedy signature requires us to have a constant attention to the marriage of the five senses.

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We bring your guests together around events rich in emotions and we immerse them in a world full of experiences to share.

We immerse your guests in new and unusual places with a scenography that sublimates the theme of your Evening or Convention.
We orchestrate your events by relying on Innovative Sound and Light Technologies.


Our chefs are professors of cuisine who have exercised their know-how in their establishments and in Michelin-starred restaurants. Their field of action is not limited to our country. They travel abroad or they are based on site.

Creative, communicative and educational, they transmit their passion and the key human values of the company: sharing, listening and rigour.
Our dinner cocktails are customized to your brand with a unique culinary program.
Our gourmet animations invite your participants to share a convivial and formative moment by immersing them in the world of gastronomy.


We take care of your entire trip. We will design and produce your trip as well as manage the airline tickets and the transportation to your destination.
We are at your side, on the ground in order to follow the sequence and the quality of the chosen services.

Each of our trips is subject to several scoutings in order to select the services best suited to your expectations.
We awaken all 5 senses in the discovery of a destination.
In line with our event signature, we make you discover the local gastronomy and we will keep a close eye on the quality and originality of the gourmet services.
Our sense of service and discretion will ensure the best comfort for your guests.

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